The 1970s… Mama making up the “Bella Easo” Coro Uriarte, in Perfumería Keni.


We are a family business of make-up artists specialised in the audio-visual field: Television, cinema, advertising, events, and performing arts in general. Our mother, Amaia Bontigui transmitted to us the passion for this profession from Perfumeria Keni in Plaza de la Constitucion, where we grew up and learned.

Directing the Make-up and Characterisation Department of EITB Miramon since 1983, more than 55 films with directors such as Almodovar, Ridley Scott, Iciar Bollain; Festivals and multiple events, endorse our professional solvency.

We are backed by a team of 10 professionals who together with us have learned our raison d`être and our way of experiencing the skill of make-up artist: passion, agility, flexibility, resolution and optimum results.

The same know-how and the same passion for this profession which we want to transmit and teach our new professionals and/or those who want to specialise in make-up for audio-visual media through our school.

Karmele Soler: Pioneer and expert in the profession. I started out working in cinema and my determination to learn prompted me to train and work among the best. More than 60 films with directors such as Almodóvar, Ridley Scott, Icíar Bollaín, Goya for Best Make-up in 2012, Zinemira 2016… The film shooting and cinema are my passion!.

Amaia Soler: I followed in the trail of Karmele and cooperated with her in various films; Noviembre, Airbag, Salto al vacio… I know the world of audio-visual make-up from the base. I grew up with it. I am creative, resolute, this is why I am passionate about characterisation: figures such as Julio Iglesias, Rajoy, Mario Vaquerizo, have passed through my hands.

Naroa Soler: “All good things come in three’s” so I followed the steps of Karmele and Amaia. Apart from being a make-up artist, I am interested in personnel management, coordinating teams and organising work. It is my responsibility that all the cogs fit into place: what is needed, where it is needed, when it is needed!

Keni Soler: “The engineer in the family”. And like they say, an engineer is good for everything. I keep the accounts of the company. Forecasts, negotiations, coordination. I try to get everything to fit into place.

Keni, Karmele, Amaia and Naroa… SOLERBMAK.